Media Contributions


School resource officers aren’t arrested often – but when they are, it’s usually for sexual misconduct  (December 12, 2019). The Conversation

Arrests of 6-year-olds shows the perils of putting police in primary schools. (September 27, 2019). The Conversation.

No, we are not facing a crisis in school safety. (April 19, 2019). The Globe Post.

Just what are “zero tolerance” policies – and are they still common in America’s schools? (February 14, 2019). The Conversation.

Restorative practices may not be the solution, but neither are suspensions.  (February 5, 2019). The Conversation.

Chicago’s Safe Passage program costs a lot, but it may provide students safer routes to school. (December 5, 2018). The Conversation.

Recommendation to Give Teachers Guns Misses the Mark. (December 26, 2018). The Globe Post.

School safety commission misses mark by ignoring guns. (June 12, 2018). The Conversation.

Improving school climate, not just security, is key to violence prevention. (May 21, 2018). The Conversation.

A school resource officer in every school? (April 11, 2018). The Conversation.

Federal spending bill deals blow to school safety research. (March 29, 2018). The Conversation.

Science achievement gaps start early – in kindergarten. (September 14, 2016). The Conversation.

Zero tolerance laws increase suspension rates for black students. (July 24, 2016). The Conversation.

Improve Baltimore Schools to Attract Families. (November 20, 2015). Baltimore Sun

Overtime-Pay Conversation Should Include Teachers. (August 18, 2015). Education Week

Now that NashvilleNext has been Approved, What’s Next? (August 7, 2015).  The Tennessean.


Black-White Achievement Gaps Go Hand in Hand with Discipline Disparities. (October 16, 2019). Education Week.

Study: Black-white discipline gap predicts achievement disparities. (October 16, 2019). Education Dive.

Featured study in the Research Minute on the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s Education Gadfly Podcast. (October 2nd, 2019). Education Gadfly Show.

New UF Faculty Earns National Fellowship. (October, 2019). WUFT NPR Affiliate.

A High-Crime Neighborhood Makes It Harder to Show Up for School. (February 13th, 2019). National Public Radio.

Teachers Pursue Public Policy Degrees to Better Advocate for their Students. (February 11th, 2019). Insight Into Diversity.

Safe Passage to Chicago Schools. (November 27th, 2018). Politico Morning Education Update

School Resource Officers and Discipline. (October 11, 2018). Radio Segment for NPR affiliate WAMC.  Included in The Academic Minute, Inside Higher Ed, and broadcast on NPR affiliates nationwide.

Analysis: No quick fix for growing student poverty. (November 30, 2017). Altamont Enterprise.

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A New Generation of All-Girls Schools (October 14th, 2016). The Atlantic

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Zero Tolerance Does Little to Improve Student Behavior, Says New Study: These laws also disproportionately impact minority students. (June 13, 2016).

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For Teacher Job Applicants, Study Finds It’s All About Location, Location, Location (February 28, 2014). Education Week

Study Finds that Kindergarten is Too Easy (February 13, 2014). Education Week